President Kaliampakos
Welcome to the ACUUS website



I wish you all a happy and prosperous year. My warmest wishes for peace, joy, health and happiness.

All ACUUS members have great expectations for 2016. First of all, it is an important year as it marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our organization. Back in 1996 a few pioneers and visionaries created our organization. Since then ACUUS has come a long way and has achieved significant progress regarding the issues of underground development. Currently, we are working hard in all fronts with a special focus of disseminating our ideas in the UN-Habitat. We will have also this year an election for most of the Board members. I invite you to become members to get a right to vote.

Of course, the main ACUUS event of the year is our 15th conference in St. Petersburg. As always it will be the event with the most important people in underground development and an opportunity for new partnerships, experience sharing and discussion of various underground development topics. Therefore, I invite you all to submit your research and attend the conference. 



Dimitris Kaliampakos