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It already has been 20 years since ACUUS establishment and we continue with the same energy and enthusiasm. In September 2016 the 15th ACUUS conference took place in St. Petersburg and we unanimously agreed that it was a huge success. There were more than 600 participants from 34 countries and we were honored to have the Governor of the City of St. Petersburg, among other high ranking officials, in the Plenary Session. Our General Assembly approved, also, the proposal for the next ACUUS conference in 2018. Next stop: Hong Kong!
Throughout the conference there was a consensus that the need to utilize the underground space of modern urban areas is becoming more apparent. Depending on the time and circumstances, it also acquires certain characteristics, requiring focused analysis and tailor cut answers.
Our organization has a new Board of Directors and many new members. We are very interested in new ideas and fresh inspiration, especially from the new generation, so as to produce sound and integrated solutions for the ever growing problems of urbanism.


 Dimitris Kaliampakos

 ACUUS President