cover_book Book "Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development" 

Committee on Underground GeoEngineering for Sustainable Development;
Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering; Board on Earth Sciences and Resources; 
Division on Earth and Life Studies; 
National Research Council

Publisher: The National Academies Press (USA)
Publication Date:  PAPERBACK (2013)
 ISBN:  978-0-309-27824-9

At the request of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council (NRC) conducted a study to consider sustainable underground development in the urban environment, to identify research needed to maximize opportunities for using underground space, and to enhance understanding among the public and technical communities of the role of underground engineering in urban sustainability.

Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development explains the findings of researchers and practitioners with expertise in geotechnical engineering, underground design and construction, trenchless technologies, risk assessment, visualization techniques for geotechnical applications, sustainable infrastructure development, life cycle assessment, infrastructure policy and planning, and fire prevention, safety and ventilation in the underground. This report is intended to inform a future research track and will be of interest to a broad audience including those in the private and public sectors engaged in urban and facility planning and design, underground construction, and safety and security.

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