Welcome to the ACUUS website

Today major cities around the world face difficult and ever growing problems that deteriorate the environmental quality and threaten their sustainability. ACUUS’s core philosophy promotes the systematic utilization of the urban underground space as the most efficient and environmental friendly solution enhance the quality of life and boost competiveness of modern cities.

The last 20 years ACUUS has been established as a key player in underground development internationally. The multi-disciplinary character of ACUUS has enabled it to act as an international “think tank” in urban underground development matters and provided a solid ground for productive collaborations and initiatives. The MoU with the City of St. Petersburg, the City of Shanghai (SMEDI) and the MoU with the UN-Habitat, for which we are very proud, serve as proof for our commitment and efforts in this field.

Our cities will continue to grow and their respective problems will require solutions. We are continuously working towards providing innovative, integrated and efficient solutions by utilizing the underground space of cities. Moreover, we welcome new ideas and fresh inspiration, especially from the new generation, so as to ensure a better and more exciting future for societies.
You can visit ACUUS website and find further information about our activities and our people. The proceedings of our conferences, a very important asset of ACUUS, are available for our members. Furthermore, our members profit from our weekly newsletter service, informing them directly about major underground projects, innovative solutions and advances in the field.

Our next international conference is taking place in Hong Kong in November 2018 (http://www.acuus2018.hk) and we are looking forward to welcoming all our new members there.

I invite you to join the experts of the urban underground space and become an ACUUS member.


 Dimitris Kaliampakos

 ACUUS President