Cover- book-de-Mulder Book "Sustainable Development and Management of the Shallow Subsurface" 

Author: E.F.J. De Mulder, H.R.G.K. Hack and C.C.D.F. Van Ree

Publisher: Geological Society of London
Publication Date:     17 October 2012
Ten Digit ISBN:     1-86239-343-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN:     978-1-86239-343-1

The focus of this book is the shallow subsurface, i.e. the first 250 metres below the Earth’s surface. This book is aimed at engineers, urban developers, lawyers, policy makers, insurance professionals, geoscientists and others involved with subsurface construction; it provides an overview of technical aspects and also of legal, governmental and policy-making issues. It also aims to raise awareness of assets and threats of the last frontier for human development on the solid Earth, and to shed light on the sustainable use of the subsurface in the past, present and future.

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