Book cover Underground W Hunt

Underground: The Worlds Beneath our Feet

by Will Hunt


Author has been an urban explorer since his early childhood. In his book, Hunt gives readers an exclusive look at all things below us. The catacombs of Paris, ochre mines of Australia, underground cities of Turkey, and subway tunnels of New York City are a few of the places the reader will explore in this book. 


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Underground Spaces Unveiled - Planning and Creating the Cities of the future

by Han Admiraal & Antonia Cornaro

‘Underground Spaces Unveiled - Planning and Creating the Cities of the future’ was awarded the ISOCARP Gerd Albers Award 2018 for best book. To order your copy follow the link below.

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Groundscapes - Other Topographies


  GroundScape coverIn this book, the architect Dominique Perrault presents his thoughts on the architecture of the "Groundscape". An idea, a concept, the architect has been exploring and experimenting with for many years in his projects and through his fictions. It is a work on shaping reality, through subterranean architecture, where is not a question of living but of marking and carving out places for urban life in the earth, this epidermis open to the sky. October 2016

English edition - Format: 16 x 24 208 pages quadri 260 illustrations  

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ISBN 978‐2‐910385‐98‐9 Price: €28


Mangroves urbaines
Du métro à la ville : Paris, Montréal, Singapour


       Mangroves urbaines

"C’est cette interface, entre souterrain et aérien, que ce livre tente d’explorer en proposant pour la première fois une vision d’une architecture métropolitaine qui se développe, dans la plupart des grandes métropoles, à la manière d’un écosystème végétal. Appuyant leur analyse des exemples de Montréal et de Singapour, les auteurs ont choisi, regardé, parcouru ou analysé une vingtaine de sites de Paris et du Grand Paris afin de tirer quelques règles concernant le fonctionnement de ces mangroves urbaines, leurs programmes, leurs modes d’apparition et leur mode de gestion."

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ISBN : 978-2-37368-023-2, 2016  Prix: 32 €


Penser la ville et agir par le souterrain

Sous la direction de Bruno BARROCA

Parce que l'appropriation du souterrain nécessite un effort d'apprentissage, architectes, ingénieurs, urbanistes, chercheurs, ... en donnent dans cet ouvrage des illustrations et apportent leurs réflexions théoriques et critiques, leurs pratiques, leurs expériences.

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ISBN : 978-2-85978-461-4, 2014

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Elsevier Special Issue of Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology (TUST) 

Urban Underground Space: A Growing Imperative

Advisory Editor: Ray Sterling
Guest Editor: Nikolai Bobylev
This special issue of Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology (TUST) is the final piece in a set of three special issues that trace the development of underground space research over the past 40 years.
The first two special issues are virtual ones, collecting the best and most relevant today papers from (1) the journal Underground Space which was a forerunner of TUST (1976–1985), and (2) key contributions from TUST over the years 1986 to 2014. The two collections are entitled “The Emergence of Underground Space Use Planning and Design” and “Improvements in Underground Space Utilization and Planning” respectively.
These special issues can be accessed until October 15, 2016 without cost on the TUST homepage and the editorial for the first issue provides a review of the publishing history of both journals to date.

Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development



Committee on Underground GeoEngineering for Sustainable Development;
Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering; Board on Earth Sciences and Resources; 
Division on Earth and Life Studies; 
National Research Council

Publisher: The National Academies Press (USA)
Publication Date:  PAPERBACK (2013)
ISBN:  978-0-309-27824-9

At the request of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council (NRC) conducted a study to consider sustainable underground development in the urban environment, to identify research needed to maximize opportunities for using underground space, and to enhance understanding among the public and technical communities of the role of underground engineering in urban sustainability. Underground Engineering for Sustainable Urban Development explains the findings of researchers and practitioners with expertise in geotechnical engineering, underground design and construction, trenchless technologies, risk assessment, visualization techniques for geotechnical applications, sustainable infrastructure development, life cycle assessment, infrastructure policy and planning, and fire prevention, safety and ventilation in the underground. This report is intended to inform a future research track and will be of interest to a broad audience including those in the private and public sectors engaged in urban and facility planning and design, underground construction, and safety and security.

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Sustainable Development and Management of the Shallow Subsurface

E.F.J. De Mulder, H.R.G.K. Hack and C.C.D.F. Van Ree

Cover- book-de-Mulder

Publisher: Geological Society of London

Publication Date:     17 October 2012

ISBN:     1-86239-343-5    ISBN:     978-1-86239-343-1

The focus of this book is the shallow subsurface, i.e. the first 250 metres below the Earth’s surface. This book is aimed at engineers, urban developers, lawyers, policy makers, insurance professionals, geoscientists and others involved with subsurface construction; it provides an overview of technical aspects and also of legal, governmental and policy-making issues. It also aims to raise awareness of assets and threats of the last frontier for human development on the solid Earth, and to shed light on the sustainable use of the subsurface in the past, present and future.