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 Guide to Cavern Engineering, Second Edition (2018)

Guide to Cavern Engineering cover

The Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Civil Engineering and Development Department has published an updated geotechnical guidance on rock cavern engineering, Geoguide 4 (Second Edition). This Geoguide presents a recommended good engineering practice for rock cavern developments in Hong Kong. It also serves as a reference document for non-specialists involved in the planning and administration of cavern projects.

The soft copy of the Geoguide can be obtained through the following link:

Emerging Best Practices in Tunnel Liner Design Can Save Lives, Preserve Structural Integrity


Minimizing the impact of fire on tunnel liner is a top priority for the worldwide engineering community. In the past decade, the industry has made significant strides. Today’s sophisticated design of tunnel liners, in conjunction with modern fire life safety systems, has shown to:

  • Provide passengers with a safe, smoke-free egress.
  • Minimize material strength loss, ensuring that during and after a fire, the structure can still withstand major service loads.
  • Aid firefighting and protect first responders, minimize explosive concrete spalling and detrimental impacts of fires to the tunnel main structural components.
  • Ensure that any damage is repairable, so the facility can return to normal operations as rapidly as possible, thus minimizing economic impacts.


Sanja   Zlatanic, P.E., is chief tunneling engineer for HNTB Corp. She can be reached at (212) 294-7567 or szlatanic@hntb.com.

 2014 October 23

 (article quoted from: http://tunnelingonline.com/tunnel-design-fire-loads/)