Membership form

To become member in 2022, you can download and fill the admission form.

The membership to ACUUS is open to international, national and local associations; governmental agencies; private firms and public entities, like cities and local governments, to individuals and students, but also if you are interested in promoting the objectives of the ACUUS. 

Our members in good standing will benefit of a free access to our members section where they will be able to read and download all the lectures of our past Conferences, since 1997. Once their membership fees received, the Secretariat will provide you a User name and a Password.

This year, we will accept again various forms of payment with Paypal, including credit cards, even if you don’t have an account. Considering the high fees of a bank transfer that we must also assume at the reception, we ask Individual members from countries in transition and developing countries, as well as all students to use only this method of payment by Paypal. Please send us a message and we will send you a secured Paypal invoice.


Accordingly to the Resolution #51 approved at the Board meeting on November 11, 2021, the membership fees for 2022 will be the same as the 2021 ones:

Class A members (entitled to vote)

a)                   Sustaining Members : 1 000 $ US and over

b)                   Institutional Members :  545 $ US                     

d)                   Institutional Members from countries in transition and developing countries :  275 $ US

e)                   Individual members :  125 $ US

f)                    Individual members from countries in transition and developing countries : 70 $ US

Class B members (not entitled to vote at the GAM)

g)                   Students* - with registration proof : 40 $ US

 For more information, please contact us: