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The International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of Underground Space (EUUS) was initiated by ACUUS Working Group on Urban Geology and Underground Space (ACUUS-GEO, based in Sino Probe Center).

The EUUS2019 will be hosted by the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IRSM-CAS) and State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (SKLGME), and co-organized by nearly 30 research institutes and enterprises.

The main theme of EUUS2019 is ‘Collaborative Exploration and Sustainable Development of Underground Space’, which covers chain-type topics as follows:

High-resolution Investigation of Underground Space

Intelligent Modeling and Big Data Mining of Underground Space

Investigation of Underground Space Resources and Collaborative Planning

Construction and Maintenance of Underground Space

Underground Space Development and Urban Resilience

Frontier Exploration and Special Underground Space Utilization

Typical Cases and Exemplars of Underground Space Development



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“Smart Underground Space & Infrastructures”

Lille, October 8 – 10, 2019

After the 1st and 2nd editions of the international conference “Smart Underground Space & Infrastructures” (Shanghai 2017 & 2018), this 3rd edition will be organized in Lille (France).  This series of conferences aims at creating an international rendezvous around the use of innovative solution in civil engineering and digital technology to meet today’s challenges of the underground space and urban infrastructures.


Other conferences:



ITA 2019

The conference will be held in Naples from May 3 to May 9 and it will offer the traditional topics on design and construction of underground works, focusing on tunnelling, engineering and innovation. In addition, to combine some unusual topics suggested by the Neapolitans, which are true Italian trademarks, such as history (Archeology), design (Architecture) and genius & creativity (Art).






IS-Cambridge 2020 symposium 

Call for papers IS2020 Cambridge

The IS-Cambridge 2020 symposium will include themes in line with the terms of reference of TC204 such as tunnelling in soft ground, deep excavations, field monitoring, physical and numerical modelling, the effect of ground movements on existing structures and mitigation measures. The symposium will act as a platform to disseminate the most recent research and field developments in the design and construction of underground excavations in soft ground through keynote lectures and technical presentations.



ITA 2020

The theme of the World Tunnel Congress 2020 has conscientiously been chosen to timely reflect the innovation achievements in the efforts of ITA-AITES in promoting the use of tunnels and underground space for the benefits of public, environment and sustainable development for the past almost half century since its establishment in 1974.



AFTES (French Tunnelling and Underground Space Association)

AFTES 2020

The central theme of this edition is “the underground, a space of innovation”. The underground in fact offers very many opportunities, on the urban planning level - with the creation of a range of facilities and new activities-, with regard to the design of studies - in particular with the assistance of numerical modelling - and also with respect to the great strides that are being continuously made in boring and construction plant, equipment and products.