The First Online Database for Worldwide Underground Space Development 


For the first time, a universal database is being developed aiming at displaying the “thousand faces” of the underground development, both contemporary and historical. It aspires to establish itself as a reference point for all underground scholars, containing valuable information regarding the utilization of the underground space. The task relies on crowdsourcing and the joined forces of thousands of underground development enthusiasts around the world.

The Underground Atlas has been development by he Laboratory of Mining and Environmental Technology (L.M.E.T) of the National Technical University of Athens ( in collaboration with ACUUS ( The L.M.E.T has been systematically carrying out research on underground development, with a specialization in underground hazardous waste repositories, the economics of the underground development (including positive externalities), the use of mining methods in creating underground space, etc.

The Director of the Laboratory, Professor Dimitris Kaliampakos, has also been elected as the President of ACUUS. He has been systematically involved in underground development research for more than 20 years.


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